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This truly viral video caught the attention of the national audience by generating over 250,000 page views and over 1.2 million views on YouTube.  The video was prominently featured on,,, and various other outlets.  It was also seen on ESPN’s Jim Rome Is Burning and NBATV.


A deep analytical dive into how NBA player’s score, defend, and rebound inside The Lab.  The three-part series included Derrick Rose, Carmelo Anthony, and Kristaps Porzingis.  I hired Elevation Digital Media as the production crew on this project while creating the overall concept, managing the technical elements, and distributing across all of the New York Knicks social media platforms. The successful series also appeared on,, and inside Madison Square Garden on GardenVision.


As part of the 70th Anniversary for the Knicks, I was tasked with creating digital content for all platforms to celebrate througout the season.  My goal in this feature was to develop a new twist to the iconic John Starks dunk over the Chicago Bulls in 1993.  Daniel and Shawn Glass shared their unforgetable memory from the famous play and were surprised by a special guest at Madison Square Garden.

The summer is a challenging time for content creators working in the NBA to maintain relevancy in the social and digital space.  I created a series featuring 20 “Draft Factory” vignettes that showcased the prospects in the 2017 NBA Draft.  To bring these episodes to life, I hired Elevation Digital Media to build a factory environment where we could highlight the achievements and statistics for each player.  Throughout the month leading up to the NBA Draft, I distributed the episodes on the New York Knicks social channels and


March Madness is one of the largest sports events in the world.  To tap into that enormous audience, I interviewed players on the New York Knicks roster to discover their special memories of the NCAA Tournament.  I then hired Elevation Digital Media to create a unique retrospective feature for each player that enjoyed a meaningful moment in the iconic tournament.  Throughout March, I distributed the stylized four episodes across all the New York Knicks social media platforms and  The pieces were also prominently featured on GardenVision during games at Madison Square Garden.

To introduce the new-look Knicks team to the fan base, I created a series entitled, “#NewKnicks.”  The highly engaged piece of content was built in a blueprint style of infographic and animated to bring the achievements of each player to life.  I hired MKTG’s VP of Creative, Elliot Gerard to create the five-part series.  From ideation to digital distribution, I managed this project and was pleased to see the final episodes appear on the New York Knicks social channels and inside Madison Square Garden on GardenVision.

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